League Coordinators

The Calgary Women’s Lacrosse League runs solely on the power of volunteers! Listed below are coordinator roles. As an appreciation to the time dedicated to league operations, coordinators receive a subsidy to towards their league fee.

Members of the League are encouraged to consider a future role to help with the sustainability and growth of the league. Members who are interested in any of these roles (currently or in the future) can email womenslacrosseyyc@gmail.com

Signing Authority

  • Three coordinators will be assigned signing authority for the League’s Bank Account. For 2017 these are: Dee Stewart-Brand, Brittney Roberts, and Marielle Flottat

Registration Coordinator – $100 Subsidy (Marielle Flottat)

  • Communicates with members the league registration process, fees, and timeline
  • Manages players’ registration
  • Updates the Master Registration List with attendance and player performance (goals/assists)
  • Updates the website with registration and payment information
  • Books facility rental and completes payment
  • Renews insurance annually

Treasurer- $50 Subsidy (Marielle Flottat)

  • Manages players fee collection
  • Maintain the League’s Bank Account
  • Maintains the League’s Paypal Acount
  • Completes and manages the budget to keep the league in financial health
  • Issues reimbursements for league expenses

Goalie Coordinator – $100 Subsidy (Kylie Kissinger)

  • Maintains goalie equipment
  • Keeps an updated inventory of goalie equipment
  • Works with treasurer if new goalie equipment is required
  • Arranges for goalie equipment storage during off-season
  • Assigns goalie equipment to players
  • Ensures goalie equipment is returned in good and clean condition
  • Brings spare goalie equipment for a “guest goalie”

Recruitment and Social Media Coordinator – $100 Subsidy (Tamara P.)

  • Coordinates and executes the Open House for the League
  • Uses the League’s Facebook Page (2-3 times per week) to promote the League
  • Takes on other recruitment initiatives as needed to increase league membership (e.g., handouts/speaks at LadyCrosse, Signage, Banners, Lacrosse Events, etc)
  • Updates the Welcome Package as needed
  • Replies to email inquiries about joining the league through Facebook or the League’s Email Address

Training Coordinator – $50 Subsidy (Stephanie Lowther)

  • Coordinates drills during warm-up with the assistance of other players and referees
  • Organizes and coordinates external training sessions for players (e.g., Elev8 Training Nights)
  • Works with the treasurer to establish any training funds
  • Ensures the league rules are up to date

Social Event Coordinator – $50 Subsidy (Stephanie Lowther)

  • Organizes and coordinates the league wrap-up party
  • Works with the treasurer to establish any party funds
  • Coordinates league awards (Spring League)
  • Coordinates other social events as desired (e.g., NLL Roughnecks Game)

League Gear Coordinator – $50 Subsidy (Tamara P.)

  • Conducts research and collects feedback to decide on league gear for the Spring Season
  • Works with treasurer to establish a budget
  • Completes the order (design, sizes, quantity) with the League’s supplier

Equipment Coordinator – $50 subsidy (Tamara P.)

  • Maintains and arranges for storage for league equipment (jerseys, pinnies, balls, guest gear, cones, first aid kit, scoresheets, pens, etc.)
  • Keeps an updated inventory of league equipment
  • Works with treasurer if new equipment is required
  • Ensures league equipment is available at all games
  • Ensures jerseys are clean and available at all games

Volunteer Coordinator – $50 Subsidy (Tamara P.)

  • Sends weekly reminders for games
  • Ensures that a referee and a scorekeeper are scheduled for each game
  • Coordinates a thank you card for volunteers who are regularly at games
  • Works with treasurer to establish a budget for thank-you gifts