1. Am I TOO OLD to play women’s box lacrosse? Am I TOO YOUNG to play women’s box lacrosse?
    • Our league is for anyone over 18 years old. We have active players from 18 years old to 58 years old! Any adult woman of any age can come to play.
  2. I’m not in good enough shape to play. Are the players all fit athletes?
    • We have women of all sports and non-sports backgrounds, of all shapes and sizes. Many women in our league use lacrosse for their fitness workout. You push yourself as much as you want!
  3. I have never played lacrosse before – will I be able to play?
    • For sure! Our games centre around learning/refreshing skills and drills so that all players pick up what they need to play. After the first few scrimmage games, we continue to accept new players and will work with them to acquire the skills they need to jump right in.
  4. Isn’t lacrosse a contact sport? Isn’t it fairly dangerous?
    • Just as some hockey leagues are non-contact, lacrosse can also be non-contact. We want to enjoy playing lacrosse without the need for full equipment and without worrying about getting hurt. Accidental collisions may occur but overall it is no more dangerous than playing soccer.
  5. Can I join in after the season has already started?
    • Absolutely! We take ongoing registration throughout the season, and your fees will be pro-rated according to how much of the season is left.
  6. What equipment do I need to play?
    • Basic equipment is a box lacrosse stick, hockey or lacrosse gloves, and a hockey or lacrosse helmet with a cage.
    • We do not need full equipment because we do not play contact lacrosse.
  7. I don’t want to buy equipment in case I don’t enjoy lacrosse. Is there a way for me to try out with league equipment?
    • Especially for our spring open house and the first few weeks of the season, the league will have available gear (sticks, helmets, and gloves) for new players to use while they try out the sport and the league and decide whether to commit or not.
    • Please contact us at <womenslacrosseyyc@gmail.com> to arrange for gear to be available.
    • Once players have registered, they are expected to pick up their own equipment.
  8. What about goalies? Do goalies pay registration fees? Do they need their own equipment?
    • For 2015, goalies pay a minimal registration fee to ensure commitment to the league.
    • The league provides all equipment for the goalies.
  9. Do I get to keep my jersey?
    • Unfortunately, the league needs to keep the jerseys for year-after-year play, but most years the league has some really awesome swag (tshirts, jackets, etc) branded with our logo and name.